Thursday, July 24, 2008

Stiebel Eltron Tempra Tankless Water Heaters

Stiebel Eltron is a manufacturer of several popular tankless hot water heater models. While some manufactures focus on just whole house water heaters, Stiebel Eltron makes a full line of models that can find several uses in your home.

Stiebel Eltron has several makes and models, all under the Tempra series name. Since Stiebel Eltron doesn't really roll of the tongue, its probably a good idea that they market tankless water heaters under the Tempra name. All of these models are controlled with a thermostat, and they certainly can be described as advanced machinery in the world of tankless water heaters.

One nice feature with the Stiebel Eltron tankless water heater is that the heater is designed to monitory the temperature of the water that is coming in to the unit. The customers requested flow rate is then converted by the heating element built in on the water heater to heat the water to whatever temperature you request. This temperature setting can always be changed by the user to meet their own specific needs.

Some of the other advantages of a Stiebel Eltron Tempra model include on-demand hot water, it will never run out, no matter how many people need to use the bath or shower. Since there is not the need to constantly reheat water in a tank, your water heating costs are reduced by as much as 50%. The Tempra's sleek and compact design saves space over a tank heater. Tankless heaters are also less likely to leak, crack, or rupture. Because the maximum temperature can be regulated, the risk of scalding injuries to children can also be reduced substantially.

Stiebel Tempra tankless heaters also maintain their efficiency throughout the service life of the heater, while tank heaters continue to lose efficiency as the years go by. Tempra water heaters are also more resistant do different water problems like sediment, mineral, and hard water issues. Finally, tankless heaters like these have a longer service life, often between 15 and 20 years.

As mention, several Tempra models are available to fill almost any need. Both of point-of-use and complete home residential tankless heaters are available. Heaters designed for commercial use are also available. Top of the line, heavy duty Tempra series water heaters can put out quite a bit of hot water. According to the company, these units can produce up to 7 gallons per minute (GPM) of hot water, depending on the incoming water temperature. Warm climates have an advantage over colder areas of the country, as the water is much warmer as it enters the house.

Even in cold climates, you should be able to get 3-4 gallons per minute of hot water during the winter. Stiebel Eltron Tempra heaters thus provide hot water on-demand, and also offer energy savings of between 30 to 50% when compared side-by-side with a regular tank water heaters.

If your worried about the company's reputation, don't be. These are recognized as superior electric tankless water heaters. Stiebel Eltron tankless water heaters have a full warranty as well at technical support. The company has been in business since 1924 and has more than 2,200 employees worldwide.

One additional point is that the company only makes electrical tankless water heaters, no natural gas or propane models here. While the monthly operating cost may be more with an electrical model, they generally cost less up front, and installation is easier to accomplish. No special venting requirements exist with a Stiebel Eltron tankless water heater.